3/18/2024  Fort Myers Kids
Easter is a time for joy, celebration, and of course, Easter egg hunts! While candy-filled eggs are a classic choice, there's a world of possibilities beyond sweets. Whether you're looking to accommodate dietary restrictions, promote healthier choices, or simply add variety to your egg hunt, here are 25 non-candy ideas to fill those colorful Easter eggs:

  1. Stickers: Kids love decorating notebooks, water bottles, and more with fun stickers. Fill eggs with an assortment of colorful stickers featuring their favorite characters or designs.

  2. Temporary Tattoos: Let kids express themselves with temporary tattoos featuring Easter themes, animals, or their favorite superheroes.

  3. Miniature Toys: Small toys like bouncy balls, mini cars, or figurines can provide hours of entertainment and make for exciting egg hunt finds.

  4. Erasers: Cute and colorful erasers shaped like animals, fruits, or emojis are both practical and fun.

  5. Mini Puzzle Pieces: Encourage problem-solving skills by hiding pieces of a mini puzzle in different eggs. Kids can assemble the puzzle after finding all the pieces.

  6. Keychains: Add a touch of personalization with miniature keychains featuring initials or adorable shapes like hearts or stars.

  7. Silly Putty or Slime: Kids love squishing and stretching sensory toys like silly putty or slime. Seal them in small containers for mess-free fun.

  8. Bouncy Balls: Add some bounce to your egg hunt with colorful bouncy balls in various sizes and patterns.

  9. Miniature Notepads: Perfect for doodling or jotting down notes, miniature notepads are both practical and entertaining.

  10. Hair Accessories: Fill eggs with hair clips, barrettes, or hair ties in vibrant colors and playful designs.

  11. LEGO Minifigures: Inspire creativity and imagination with LEGO minifigures hidden inside Easter eggs.

  12. Rubber Duckies: These classic bath toys make for delightful surprises, especially when discovered in unexpected places.

  13. Miniature Games: Look for travel-sized versions of classic games like Uno, Connect Four, or mini playing cards.

  14. Seed Packets: Encourage kids to explore nature by hiding seed packets for flowers, herbs, or vegetables in Easter eggs.

  15. Finger Puppets: Spark imaginative play with adorable finger puppets featuring animals, storybook characters, or mythical creatures.

  16. Bookmarks: Instill a love for reading by hiding decorative bookmarks featuring favorite book characters or inspirational quotes.

  17. Miniature Stationery: Mini notebooks, pencils, or colorful pens can inspire creativity and encourage writing or drawing.

  18. Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces: Create excitement and challenge by hiding pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in different eggs. Kids can assemble the puzzle once they've found all the pieces.

  19. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars: Turn off the lights and let the fun begin with glow-in-the-dark stars that can be stuck on bedroom ceilings or walls.

  20. Miniature Figurines: From animals to superheroes, miniature figurines come in endless themes and are sure to delight kids of all ages.

  21. Easter Themed Tattoos: Temporary tattoos featuring Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, and flowers add a festive touch to the celebration.

  22. Lip Balm or Lip Gloss: Keep lips moisturized and shiny with fun-flavored lip balms or colorful lip glosses.

  23. Decorative Magnets: Add flair to refrigerators or magnetic surfaces with decorative magnets featuring animals, fruits, or playful designs.

  24. Miniature Cars or Vehicles: Zoom into fun with tiny cars or vehicles that fit perfectly inside Easter eggs.

  25. Miniature Craft Kits: Spark creativity with miniature craft kits containing materials for making friendship bracelets, origami, or simple DIY projects.

With these 25 non-candy ideas, you can make this year's Easter egg hunt an unforgettable and exciting experience for kids of all ages. From toys and trinkets to educational items and practical treasures, there's something for everyone to enjoy as they search for hidden surprises amidst the springtime festivities.