3/21/2022  Fort Myers Kids

With Easter right around the corner here are a few ideas for filling up those eggs besides candy. Don't get me wrong I love candy and so do my kids but let's face it they get enough candy with all the other egg hunts you will be doing this year! Let's fill up the eggs with things they really would enjoy playing with.

  1. ​Slime
  2. Stickers
  3. Playdough
  4. Toy cars
  5. Dollar bills
  6. Tiny bubbles
  7. Lip balm
  8. Magnetic letters
  9. Finger puppets
  10. Hair clips
  11. Army men
  12. Puzzle pieces
  13. Temporary tattoos
  14. Bouncing balls
  15. Silly putty
  16. Tiny animals
  17. Legos
  18. Stamps
  19. Crayons
  20. Mini kaleidoscope
  21. Yo-Yo
  22. Glow sticks
  23. Seeds (learn how to plant for Spring)
  24. Whistle (if you dare!)
  25. Change