1/3/2022  StatePoint
When it comes to birthdays, holidays and life’s special moments, finding a gift for someone we love can be a daunting task. If you’re feeling repetitive and predictable in your gift-giving endeavors, start thinking outside the gift box and give a unique present that’s sure to delight!
1. Custom Cards. Limited on time or creative energy but still want to deliver a sincere and meaningful message? SmashUps from American Greetings are customizable e-cards that let you personalize your greeting with a variety of options -- from talking video or selfie e-cards, to personalized songs and greetings delivered by celebrities like Alicia Keys, Shaq or Donny Osmond, among others.
2. Make it an Experience. One way to give a unique gift is to arrange an experience you know your loved one will enjoy. Whether it’s sending Mom to a relaxing day at the spa or getting your teenage daughter and her bestie concert tickets to see their favorite band, take care of the details and let them enjoy the experience.
3. Giving Gifts -- Even from a Distance. If the pandemic has taught us something, it’s that showing your loved ones you care can become extra challenging from a distance. Shops like Milk Bar make it easy to surprise someone with dessert delivery. Choose from their wide array of sweet snacks like cakes, cookies or truffles, or send a few of each with their sampler tins. Milk Bar will handcraft your treats and then flash-freeze them for peak quality. They’ll be carefully wrapped in a specially designed, insulated package with ice packs to ensure freshness for up to 48 hours. Then, they’ll be delivered straight to a doorstep and the birthday guy or gal can dive right in.
4. The Gift of Time. For some, the gift of time is just as appreciated, if not more, than a physical gift. If this is true for your loved one, consider planning activities for the day, scheduling a special trip, or clearing the calendar to stay in for a movie night together. If you want others to be involved, plan a party so they can spend time celebrating with their friends and family too.
5. Acts of Service. We tend to focus on gifts we can buy. However, if you’re looking to take a different approach, consider spending time doing acts of service, rather than spending money on physical gifts. Having dinner ready after work, doing chores for the week or completing a long-term household project can be special gifts.