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Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Training

Colonial Consultants & Notary Services, L.L.C.
12500 Cold Stream Dr 303
Fort Myers, FL 33912
United States

Mass shootings and other heinous acts of violence are on the rise, targeting houses of worship,
schools, grocery stores, businesses, shopping centers & public gatherings across the nation;
Colonial Consultants & Notary Services’ training provides simple risk mitigation strategies
coupled with common sense situational awareness practices to identify threats to greatly
increase the odds of surviving violent incidents.

CCNS’ Awareness training courses were created by the same program developers that created both classes
specifically for the entire federal government, and is still in use today. It was developed using the standards set
by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center & Department of Justice.

 CCNS’ Instructors, all nationally certified as Instructors, Managers, Physical Security Experts as well as leaders in the risk mitigation field.

o Our Instructors provide an instructor lead 1-1.5 hour presentation specifically crafted to our
clients’ businesses; the course quickly develops a foundation of awareness, educates personnel
and uses proven methods to build a minimally functional knowledge of workplace & personal
safety & security, the importance of becoming a stakeholder in a safe working environment.

o Courses utilize presentation & video reinforcement; Instructors can provide an effective
training environment in practically any workplace, either linking a laptop to on-site televisions
or utilizing a projector.

o Ample time is allotted for question/answer sessions

o A digital/PDF copy of our published text; CCNS Safety & Security Guide is provided to all
attendees. It makes an excellent step-by-step reference to utilize basic and advanced
prevention/mitigation tools that can be applied in the workplace and beyond.

o Our Curriculum satisfies, & exceeds; professional standards requirements established by all
State/Federal regulatory agencies. Certificates of completion will be issued on-site.
Contact us today; our Consultants can provide additional information & prepare a
custom presentation for your personnel.