2/16/2022  Fort Myers Kids
I don't know about you but my time is very precious to me.  I wanted to share my top 10 cleaning hacks that are sure to save you time, money, and most importantly your sanity.  
1.  Don't throw away those dryer sheets, reuse them:
  • Get rid of water spots from your mirrors, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, and shower doors by buffing them out.
  • Remove dust from blinds, furniture, and baseboards.
  • Remove stubborn ring stains on your toilet by scrubbing them out. Make sure you wear gloves! 
2.  Use vinegar to clean your microwave:
  • Pour equal parts of white vinegar and water into a microwave-safe bowl and a slice of lemon (helps with the smell of the vinegar) and set on HIGH for about 5 minutes.  Make sure you wait a few minutes before taking it out.  Simply wipe with a clean cloth and Voila clean!  
3.  Use a lemon to make your garbage disposal smell good:
  •  Cut up some lemons and drop them in your drain and turn on your disposal for a fresh clean smell.  
4.   Use baking soda to freshen up your mattresses:
  • Vacuum your mattress first and then sprinkle a small amount of baking soda and leave it on for a few hours and then vacuum again.  This will help limit the amount of bacteria and dust that form on your bed.  
5.  Use your pillowcase to clean your ceiling fans: 
  • For a quick and easy way to clean those ceiling fans just slip a pillowcase over the blades one at a time and then wipe clean.  The dust will fall into the pillowcase and not all over your furniture and floors.  
6.  Use a pair of socks to clean your dirty blinds: 
  • Grab a pair of clean socks and spray a little water on them and start cleaning those dirty blinds with one swipe across.
7.  Clean your dishwasher with just vinegar and baking soda: 
  • First, pour about one cup of baking soda into the bottom of your dishwasher and allow it to sit overnight.  The next morning pour one to two cups of whitvinegar into a dishwasher-safe cup and run your dishwasher on the hottest cycle. This helps to eliminate dirt and odor.  
8.   Turn on your AC before dusting:
  • Switch your fan setting to ON when dusting and vacuuming.  This will help to suck up all the dust and will be captured by the AC filter.  Make sure when you are done you switch your fan setting back to auto.  
9.  Descale your shower head: 
  • Grab a plastic bag (big enough to fit over your showerhead) and a rubber band.  Fill the bag with white vinegar and tie it in place and allow it to sit overnight.  In the morning remove the bag and make sure to run water to rinse.  
10.  Get rid of glitter mess using play-doh: 
  • As a mom, I know that glitter is the hardest thing to clean up.  Not anymore!  Grab some play-doh and press over the spilled glitter and keep pressing down so the glitter sticks.  The best part is now your child has glitter play-doh to use for that next art project!