10/3/2022  FortMyersKids.com
After the hurricane, we were curious. It was our first hurricane that we experienced. We ventured out to see how bad the damage was to the Fort Myers community.

We were saddened to see how much destruction there was and pray everyone is able to get back on their feet someday.

As we drove around we saw power lines down, traffic lights dangling almost to the ground. There was no one guiding traffic and lets face it, there is just no way to get enough first responders or even the National Guard to guide every intersection. We saw car accidents and potential accidents at every intersection.

We saw power trucks stuck in traffic. No doubt they were racing to get a job done for all of us still without power.

It was at that moment that I realized, WE may be part of the problem right now. Did we really need to be on those roads?  We decided that the only reason that we would drive again, until things got cleared up, was to get food, water, fuel, work/volunteer, medical situations.  By staying off the roads, it allowed those who needed to fix power lines, remove hazardous conditions or even get rescued from first responders, the ability to get to where they need to go.  
I enjoy freedom just as much as the next person.  But venturing out to find a PHO restaurant because you have a craving may not be the best idea if you don't have to.   Staying off the roads saves your fuel and allows those trying to help the community to get the fuel that they need.  I overheard a local restaurant owner taking to our neighbor saying, "We are cooking food for the community but can't get anywhere because we need to get fuel and get stuck for hours in line waiting to fuel up every day." 
As a suggestion, we suggest that if you must get on the roads, that you have a clear purpose for doing so.  This will help the community.