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Lehigh Acres, FL 33936
United States

We’re glad you found us. Here you’ll find lots of information about John’s work in the emerging realm of crypto art, commonly referred to as “NFTs” – or Non-Fungible Tokens. John will give you an insider’s view of the murky world of crypto and NFTs and explain the process of creating these imaginative artworks.

After numerous “thefts” of John’s work were discovered on another well-known art website, he decided to go in another direction. With all the young whippersnappers creating NFTs in this emerging market, John needed to find a “niche”. So how does an old-timer stand out in the crowded field of NFT art?

It starts with a digital image – specifically chosen by Due North Gallery from our massive archives. Each selected image is then “developed” using artificial intelligence algorithms (software). An image may undergo several versions until the desired look is obtained. But what happens then? Click the link to the “Why Rarible” page to learn more.