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Learn to survive the wild

Learn to not only survive extreme situations, but thrive in them.

As expert survivalists Matt and Brooke Wright have a lifetime of dedication to the art of survival. Teaching survival and living it, Matt and Brooke have been featured multiple times on Discovery Channel's hit survival show NAKED AND AFRAID. Coined Mr. and Mrs. Savage, they've proven their ability to thrive.

With this combination of worldwide wilderness bushcraft and special operations training
you will learn all the skills necessary to be prepared.

Learn the basics to advanced survival and feel more confident wherever your next adventure takes you.

Location: Varies. We are based out of Colorado and southwest Florida, ​but can travel for group classes or private team building events.
Please click on the website button for details and scheduling availability.

Matt Wright, veteran, owner, knife maker, instructor and Colorado native. I started Extreme Instinct from the ground up in 2005. After multiple commercially made knives failed to perform I decided to take things into my own hands. I now make knives and gear guaranteed to meet any demand and come out shinning. As a veteran of the U.S. military my training ingrained a further understanding for the importance in tools you can trust. The only way to continue to innovate and improve gear is to test it to the max. Here at Extreme Instinct we do just that. Whether guiding hunters or teaching survival along side my accomplished wife, Brooke, we're constantly pushing ourselves, our knives and gear to the limits.

I'm an eight-time expert veteran on eight seasons of Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid , Naked and Afraid XL and Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing TV shows with more than 260 primitive survival days in the wild and an expert survival competitor featured on season 2 of First Man Out with UK host Ed Stafford. Often dubbed, "The Juggernaut" and "SAVAGE" for my relentless pursuit of never being hungry and always conquering the unknown, I've proven that even in the most extreme challenges in the world to conquer what has never been done. From surviving the jungles of the Amazon twice, to the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana for 60 days, Naked and Afraid Sharks in the Bahamas, to over 60 days in Africa surviving - 24 of those days completely solo during Naked and Afraid's 40 Day XL 4 challenge - and also taking an inexperienced fan of Naked and Afraid on a 21 day challenge in South Africa and a People Magazine journalist to the jungles of Belize. Prior to my epic "Savage Solo" adventure I was in the Amazon jungle for Naked and Afraid XL 3 and spent 21 days in the Thailand jungle. There was no better chance to take the skills I teach and the gear I make than on the ultimate test. Naked, with only my knife in hand, I gained a greater appreciation for a sharp knife I can depend on with my life and the skills to be prepared proving to thrive primitively around the world.
Follow my wild adventures at: @SurvivalistMattWright on Facebook or @Extreme Instinct_Instinct on Instagram

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