12/28/2023  FortMyersKids.com

FortMyersKids.com: A Banner Year and a Bright Future for Local Businesses

Unparalleled Growth and Reach
Why Join FortMyersKids.com?
A Win-Win for Businesses and Families
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Fort Myers, FL – As 2023 draws to a close, FortMyersKids.com (FMK) celebrates a year marked by unprecedented growth and engagement, positioning itself as an essential platform for businesses targeting the vibrant family market in the Fort Myers area. With a remarkable 4.7 million views this year, including a significant surge to 2.6 million views during the holiday season, FMK has proven to be much more than a mere directory – it's a dynamic hub connecting local families with the best of what Fort Myers has to offer including local attractions, restaurants, entertainment, events and much more.


The extraordinary increase in site traffic, especially during November and December 2023, is a testament to FMK’s effectiveness in promoting seasonal events and offerings. This surge not only highlights the site's popularity among local families but also underscores its value as a marketing platform for businesses. FMK is owned by Discover Maestro, a Veteran owned agency that relocated to Fort Myers in 2021. With a nationwide reach of similar sites, they invite people across America to visit the Fort Myers area for vacation. “We built this site to help invite our friends and family to come visit Fort Myers and our family as well. As they visit us, they have a great way to see everything there is to do when they visit,” stated Dave Maestas, along with his wife and co-founder, Michelle.

  1. Extensive Visibility: Being listed on FMK means your business is instantly accessible to a large and engaged audience actively seeking family-friendly dining, attractions, and events in Fort Myers.

  2. SEO Benefits: FMK’s strong online presence and high traffic volume can significantly enhance your business's online visibility. Being part of a popular directory boosts your website’s SEO, making it easier for potential customers to find you through search engines.

  3. Targeted Marketing: FMK caters specifically to families in the Fort Myers area. This targeted approach means that your business is presented to the most relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting customers who are seeking exactly what you offer.

  4. Cost-Effective Advertising: At just $67 per month, with the flexibility to cancel anytime, listing your business on FMK is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Moreover, after the first year, there are no additional payments required, and your membership remains active for life, offering ongoing exposure with no further investment.

By joining FortMyersKids.com, businesses not only gain exposure to a large and engaged audience but also contribute to a valuable community resource that helps families discover the best of Fort Myers. It's a partnership that benefits everyone – businesses grow, and families enjoy a richer, more vibrant community experience. We provide free digital analysis reports for our members to help them to be successful and provide free marketing coaching to ensure their success with us. We are not a platform where you post your business and hope for the best. We are proactive to help ensure your success and provide the analytics so that you can measure your success with us.

With the momentum gained in 2023, FMK is poised for an even more successful year in 2024. As more businesses recognize the value of being part of this thriving online community, FMK will continue to expand its offerings, making it an even more indispensable resource for both families and businesses in Fort Myers.

Join us today and be part of FortMyersKids.com’s exciting journey! Together, let's make 2024 a year of growth, connection, and community spirit in Fort Myers.


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