7/19/2022  FortMyersKids.com
MBCard is a national credit card processing company.  They are searching for commission based sales reps.
The future of merchant services is here.
Businesses no longer have to pay for merchant services fees.  These fees are on average of 3% of each credit card swipe.
Many businesses spend thousands, tens of thousands of dollars on these fees.
They no longer have to pay those fees.  0% processing fees. 
You can work from home.  You work your own schedule.  You can get paid from just one referral, month after month, year after year just from the one sale.
Do you have a family member who is a business owner?
Do you have friends who are business owners?
You can help them keep their money.  You will be their hero AND you will get paid for it.
All you have to do is sign up as a referral partner.  Send the leads to MBCard and they will do the rest.
Signing up is free.  It's that simple.
Everyone knows someone who owns a business.