12/25/2023  FortMyersKids.com
Great news Moms and Dads!
You can now spend 3 nights at an Orlando hotel for FREE!
You do have to pay for the taxes estimated at $38 per night.
How is this possible?
30% of hotels are not filled every night.  The certificate issuer gets access to those rooms.
The hotel wins as they fill up their rooms. Most people visits their restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner and other incidentals.   Since you are at the hotel, you now may be more willing to visit again and they hope you stay a week or two.  
In business, it's known as a "loss leader."  You offer something for free in the hopes that the customer has a great experience and comes back.
It's that simple.  Take advantage of it.  You deserve it. 
There are NO time share presentations or requirements.
If you are approached for time share presentations, you are under no obligations to attend.

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