9/3/2021  StatePoint
We all have someone who has more than enough clothes, jewelry, artwork and overall “stuff,” that you just don’t know where to begin finding a gift they’ll need or want. The next time you need to come up with a clever birthday gift idea for them, try one of the following categories:
1. Something they’ll use. Nowadays, there’s a good chance there’s a subscription box filled with items your recipient needs or will always use, from clothes, snacks and razors, to tools, toys and pet supplies.
For example, if your friend picks up wine every time they grocery shop, a subscription to a monthly wine club won’t go to waste. In fact, it will probably be an appreciated gift! Many boxes offer flexibility for the red, white, or rosé-all-day person’s preferences and include additions each month.
2. Something personalized. If you’re in search of creative birthday gift ideas, consider giving a custom gift. This might sound like a pricey approach, but customization can be as simple as sending a fun, personalized ecard. With SmashUps from American Greetings, you can start by selecting a fully customizable video featuring some favorite famous faces, including Dolly Parton, Shaq and Alicia Keys. Next, you can personalize the video with a name and other custom elements, so the celebrity is singing directly to your loved one. Finally, you can instantly share the video with the birthday guy or gal by text or email, or you can let other friends join in on the fun by sharing it on social media too. And because SmashUps is a one-time fee, you can shower relatives or friends with personalized messages that will make them smile all year round.
Custom gifts show true thoughtfulness and can make someone feel extra special on their birthday. Smashups are a fun and lighthearted way to virtually say “happy birthday” to friends, family members, and co-workers.
3. Something they’ve always wanted. Difficult to shop for people often have birthday gift ideas for themselves or items they’ve always wanted that they’ll never buy or request. Maybe it’s a high-ticket item or maybe it’s something simple that other purchases just get prioritized over. If you know of such an item, consider giving it as a gift! Your friend will feel good receiving a gift from someone who was listening and understands them.
4. Something they didn’t know they needed. Sometimes, you can’t put your finger on a practical item that you know the person will use and have to use your best judgment. Though it could be as simple as a mug or digital picture frame, these are often the best gifts of all, because the people receiving them likely never thought of them either.
5. Something that requires thought. If the person you’re shopping for has a lot of “stuff,” stop thinking of additional items to give them. Shift your focus and gift them your time or attention. If it’s a significant other, plan a special date night on the town or in the house. If it’s a parent or grandparent, consider what experiences or events they might appreciate; maybe its going to a play, watching a movie or taking a trip as a family. Not all gifts have to cost a lot; in fact, some of the best gifts are ones that create memories.
For more clever birthday gift ideas and ways to celebrate, visit: www.americangreetings.com/smashups.
When it comes birthday gifts for those who have everything, don’t fret. With a bit of creativity, you can make their day special.
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