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We use marketing automation with our site to help you to succeed.

We are more than a website. We offer many services that can help you to succeed. As a member of our site, you get a marketing agency to advise you. People pay big money for that. You get it for FREE!


Single Listing Pricing Plans
Featured Event $99.99
TRADE? Add us as a sponsor of your event and we will promote your event on our site and social media for FREE!
Use the contact us at the bottom of the page to learn more.

Includes premium positioning, up to 10 photos, web site link, video clip and coupon.

Event producers should consider adding their events to our site for several compelling reasons:

  1. Increased Visibility: Adding events to our site enhances their visibility, especially for individuals seeking information about events on the area. This increased exposure can attract a broader audience.

  2. Targeted Audience: The platform likely attracts individuals interested in your events, ensuring that event producers reach a highly relevant and engaged audience.

  3. Community Engagement: Being part of a local event directory fosters a sense of community involvement. Event producers can connect with residents and visitors who share an interest in the area.

  4. Networking Opportunities: By listing events on the platform, event producers can network with other organizers and businesses in the area, potentially leading to partnerships and collaborations.

  5. Marketing Support: We may offer marketing support and promotion for listed events, which can save time and resources for event producers.

  6. Access to Insights: The platform may provide valuable insights into event performance and attendee demographics, helping event producers make data-driven decisions for future events.

  7. Promote Sponsors: When you produce events and gain sponsors, ensuring that the sponsors are seen helps them to be able to continue to sponsor year after year.

  8. Experience: Our team is comprised of event professionals who have produced large scale events, up to 125,000 people in attendance for many years. We are experienced in event production, sponsor procurement and event marketing. If you need additional assistance, contact us for more using the 'contact us' at the bottom of this page.

Adding your events to our site can boost visibility, connect event producers with their target audience, foster community engagement, and provide valuable resources and insights, making it a valuable platform for promoting events here.

Venue Pricing Plans
Featured Venue $99.00
Includes ten photos, video, web address, coupon, featured placement.
$99 per year 
Free Venue Listing $0.00
Free Venue Listing - Join the venue listing and people may be able to find you. 
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