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In 2014, our co-founder Dave Maestas retired after 20-years from the US Army Special Forces (1SFG(A) - 1st Special Forces Group / "Green Beret") out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington having served almost four years overseas in locations such as Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Dave and his wife Michelle became entrepreneurs and launched several businesses including an apparel business, event production company, and partnered in other ventures including radio, the restaurant industry and more.
Yes, this is a glamour shot and they made Dave look good.
Michelle of course is always beautiful inside and out. 
Like you, they found that paying for marketing was (a) expensive and (b) rarely showed results.  They found many that offered the services but few who could deliver without exorbitant prices.
They studied marketing, digital marketing and first helped businesses with just social media, learning everything needed to be successful. Then they started building audiences by building directory style websites under their agency, which you can see a version of one of their sites with They gravitated to all aspects of marketing (traditional included- newspapers, radio, TV) yet focused on all areas of digital marketing. 
Their media sites across the nation reach over 1 million views each month and they have over 300,000 people who follow them on social media, pages and are members of their groups. They know how to build audiences and to reach those who need information.  
Today they continue to build websites nationwide for cities, counties, military bases and organizations, they even have a world champion BKFC fighter who uses their sites.  Most importantly, they knew that a website alone will not bring you the success that you want.  They researched cutting edge technologies and over the past 8 years have infused these technologies into their sites.  Others do not use our technology and we can prove it. We can build you one as well.
In 2021, Dave and Michelle moved their children to Fort Myers and found it difficult to find trusted businesses and fun things to do.  Have you ever tried to find a mechanic, landscaper or of course a marketing agency, especially when you are not from here?  It's not easy. Until now. 
They built for families, parents, and grandparents.  They built it as Fort Myers is one of the largest growing communities in America.  They found business owners needed a means to connect with families.  Coming from the Seattle area with tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft and others there, Dave and Michelle were surprised by the lack of tech in local businesses that are helping others to succeed elsewhere.  
Everything that we do is measured.  You can't ensure results if you are not data driven.  We incorporate dashboards so that you can see your results with us.
There are several options to join us:
1. Add your business to the featured or basic listings on You can also publish a weekly article about your business educating on your goods/services.  Add events that you sponsor, produce or are a vendor at.  There are ad spaces available.  We provide the analytics and even offer a sales funnel to capture much more than just clicks.
2. Hire our agency for some or all services:
- Digital Marketing & Marketing funnels
- Social Media management
- Marketing automation & email marketing
- SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing - Google ads, Yelp, etc...) We are Yelp ad partners.  We can advise you whether Yelp is a good fit for your business or not & how to optimize it.
- Reputation Management 
- Event marketing
- Business development - We develop relationships for you.  We can attend Chamber of Commerce or business networking events for your business. Networking is a key ingredient to a successful marketing plan.
- Sales coaching - we can drive tons of traffic to you, if your team cannot close deals, training is needed. We are Gold Protege Sales Trainers with Eric Lofholm International, a world leader in sales trainers.
- Merchant Services - we eliminate those merchant service fees and you keep 100% of your hard earned money.
- Business start-up - You do not have the time to build all of the digital platforms that you need to be successful online.  There is a great deal of technical work involved.  We build it all for you.
- Transform standard operating procedures into step-by-step training manuals that are easy to update, assign, access, and track with the world's #1 SOP software. This allows you to have a system to know all of the tasks that members of your administrative team performs so that in an event of an absence, a member of your team easily can fill in. 
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